State & Local Political Campaigns

Everything a state-level campaign or PAC needs to consolidate all supporter data, communicate and engage with an audience at scale, fundraise online and offline, and track and manage growth - all in one single easy-to-use integrated system.

The platform for Democrats and Progressives.

The BlueUtopia CRM System consolidates all your contacts in one place, provides basic tools for outreach, and organizes your entire team around a common set of tools and data.

Build a bigger and more effective campaign

All your data in one place

Get all your supporter & donor data in one place. No more disparate lists in various 'silo' systems. Every person and every tool works from the same data, ensuring that your efforts are reaching your maximum audience.

Integrated Campaign System

Integrated tools to run your org

A robust suite of tools that help you communicate and engage your audience. From email communications, to online fundraising, to traditional fundraising management, pledge tracking, managing volunteers and so much more - the BlueUtopia system gives you tools to build your organization.

Do More with Less

Do more with less

Time and money are precious resources. BlueUtopia helps you maximize your impact by taking the time-consuming tasks and making them easier and faster. Whether you're managing a website, tracking RSVP's, communicating to supporters, or raising money, our system allows you to do so much more with less effort.

Affordable Technology

Tech you can use and afford

A system that takes weeks to learn adds little value to a fast moving effort. Our tools are super easy to use. Most take minutes to learn. This allows everyone on your team to use the tools and add value to your data. We then make the tools affordable for camppaigns and organizations of any size.

We were using NGPVAN. It was costing too much and was difficult to use. We were not even using the email broadcast system it was so difficult. We switched to Blue Utopia. It's easier to use. The integration is much better. And we saved a ton of money.
- Hassan Giordano, (D) for Circuit Court Clerk of Baltimore

The Tools A comprehensive fully integrated software and data system that helps you build better relationships, deliver better communications, raise more money, organize supporters, and grow your organization to make progressive change.

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