Everything a nonprofit advocacy org needs to grow an audience and manage campaign key campaign tasks -- consolidate supporter data, communicate and engage with supporters, fundraise, and track and manage all supporter activities -- all in one single easy-to-use integrated system.

The Tech Platform for Progress

The BlueUtopia Campaign System has all the tools and integrations you need to organize, communicate with, and fundraising from your supporters and prospects.

Grow and scale your impact

Supporter Database

All your supporter & donor data flows into one place. No more scattered lists in various systems. Every person and every tool works from the same data, ensuring consistent and full reach to your entire audience - all with a full 360° view of every supporter.


Digital Communications

Communicate instantly with beautiful action-oriented emails to any segment of your audience and on any device. Beautiful templates, guaranteed delivery, automatic bounce handling, all help to get your email delivered. Integrated SMS and social DM add the ability to reach those supporters not engaged via email.

Online Petitions and Forms

Engagement and Action

Online petitions and customizable signup forms allow you to engage and empower your supporters for all types of actions, as well as grow your organization's reach and impact.



Quickly enter physical checks and seamlessly collect and process online donations. Intelligent matching appends existing records instead of creating more duplicates, giving you a complete picture of online and offline donations. Automated thankyou emails and follow-up tracking help you raise more money and spend less time managing fundraising tasks.


Reporting & Segmentation

Send an email to any segment of your supporters. Or pull a report of donors for your team. With hundreds of canned reports and an easy query builder, anyone can generate the right report or list in seconds.

Blue Utopia has everything you need to run an effective campaign in one place, and at an affordable price! Having our volunteer database integrated with our web site and email system has been a life saver, allowing us to save precious time that would otherwise go to juggling multiple systems.
- Aliki Moncrief, Florida's Water & Land Legacy Campaign

Tools for fundraising, communications, advocacy, CRM, and compliance reporting. All tightly integrated and combined with intelligent data and services.

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