CRM for NonProfits

Everything a nonprofit advocacy org needs to grow an audience and manage campaign key campaign tasks -- consolidate supporter data, communicate and engage with supporters, fundraise, and track and manage all supporter activities -- all in one single easy-to-use integrated system.

Technology platform for Democrats and Progressives.

The BlueUtopia System has all the tools and integrations you need to organize, communicate with, and fundraising from your supporters and prospects.

Unite your team around a single system that helps you spend less time on campaign tasks & more time on the things that matter to your mission.
Political CRM

All of your donor data in one place

No more scattered lists in various systems or partial data on your supporters. Connect your data and start communicating with your full universe of supporters, wherever they come from.

Political CRM

Build better relationships with a full-featured CRM system

Understand everything about your supporters with a powerful CRM system. Track every interaction and communication automatically. Link social profiles, relationships, professional connections, and much more.

Political Fundraising

Powerful tools for online and offline fundraising

Raise money and spend less time managing fundraising tasks with powerful tools that help you track and manage all your fundraising activities.

email campaigns

Communicate with your supporters quickly, easily and reliably

Send beautiful action-oriented emails to any segment of your audience optimized for display on any device. Automated list-cleaning, spam-checking, and technology management that ensures that your emails get delivered.

Online Petitions and Forms

Build your supporter base with easy-to-use engagement tools

Flexible signup forms allow you to build your audience in powerful ways. Petitions and endorsement pages help your supporters get engaged with your campaign or cause.


Pull a report or a targeting list in seconds

Hundreds of canned reports save you enormous time. And list-building tools allow you to target any list segment easily.

Data Management

Take control of your data

Stop paying technical hourly fees to have clean, rich data. With BlueUtopia Data Manager, you can identify and remove duplicates, link household records, remove bad or incomplete records, customize your data fields -- all without any technical expertise.

What our clients say Blue Utopia has everything you need to run an effective campaign in one place, and at an affordable price! Having our volunteer database integrated with our web site and email system has been a life saver, allowing us to save precious time that would otherwise go to juggling multiple systems.
- Aliki Moncrief, Florida's Water & Land Legacy Campaign

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